Incorporating Company in USA; Business Agreements; Register Trademark in USA

Our Attorneys can assist you at a reasonable cost in Incorporating Company, LLC, C Corp, S Corp, Registering Trademark in USA, Business Agreements, Forming Startup & In-house Counsel Services,Attorneys at law for your Business

Attorneys for Business

Our attorneys provide lower cost services for incorporating companies in various states of USA, registering trademarks in USA, drafting Business Agreements, and providing solutions to businesses big and small. We concentrates in corporate law, business law, outsourcing, joint ventures, e-commerce, business transactions, intellectual property laws in almost all sectors of business. Contact us for:

  • Incorporate a Corporation in USA
  • Incorporating Company in USA
  • Form an LLC in USA
  • Form an LLP in USA
  • Get Advice on what kind of Company or LLC is good for you
  • Forming C Corp
  • Forming S Corp
  • Register Trademarks in USA
  • Get Business Agreements drafted

Our professional team of attorneys-at-law include those educated at Harvard Law School, Harvard University in the USA.

Our attorneys and professionals are committed to providing quality legal services with a client centered and result-oriented approach to the practice and are committed to follow the highest standards of fair practice and ethics.  

Our attorneys strive to continuously update their knowledge and legal skills, which keeps them abreast of the latest developments in laws, culture and business standards of various countries which helps us in providing our clients with creative legal solutions.

Among others, our team of lawyers has dealt with matters ranging from business transactions, joint ventures, tax planning, corporate structuring and patent and trademark filings and international commercial arbitrations. The areas covered include manufacturing, business, trade, informational and technology, outsourcing, financial, real estate, software, marketing, distribution, licensing, agency and others. Click here to learn more about Our Services

Our dedication to the client's interests means that we strive for legal excellence as well as appreciate the commercial environment in which our clients operate. We combine a personal approach with high professional standards and aim to provide a comprehensive legal service to our corporate, financial and commercial clients.

Company Formation

We are of the belief that in the context of the present world economic order, the legal profession plays a valuable and constructive role. The changes in the economic climate in the world have brought about a change in the traditional role of the lawyer. The development of the transnational law practitioner has occurred in response to clients conducting business on an international level. The need for specialist services has emerged and is especially needed in addressing issues of international trade and international corporate matters.

With a committed international corporate and commercial practice, our lawyers have assisted many clients to make a smooth and cost-effective passage into the Indian market. We have assisted clients entering the Indian market, advising them on the most efficient market entry strategy and tax efficient structure.

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